7th SGA-IUGS-UNESCO-SEG SHORT COURSE ON AFRICAN METALLOGENY « Energy Metals for a Sustainable Society »

AJGES, in partnership with Society for Geology Applied of Mineral Deposit (SGA) participated in the International Short Course on Energy Metals held at the Ministry of Mines and Energy in Windhoek, Namibia, 29 November – 3 December 2021).

The program included 3 days of lectures and workshops, and 2 days of excursions in Swakopmund coastal region.

Professionals from mining industry, academics, consultants, and mining administration (government and geological survey), discussed various aspects of geology and metallogeny of Namibia. All sessions on metals (U, V, Pb-Zn, Cu, REE, Li) included aspects on circular economy, specific Namibian mineral deposits, ore deposit genesis, exploration, mining and processing at the highest level.  A critical perspective on these metals in the current political, economic and industrial context of Namibia and Southern Africa, as well as the importance of these metals to the global and European processing and manufacturing industries, was discussed.

Global regulations and actions on mining to achieve Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and carbon neutrality by 2050 were also discussed. The future Namibian Geopark supported by UNESCO, and presented by Dr. Gabi Schneider was also part of the excursion program.

The field trips included visits to:

– Lepidico mine project (led by Simon Kahovera), the Eureka exploration project on REE showings in carbonatites (prepared by Pete Siegfried),

– the largest open pit uranium mine and mill at Rössing (led by Gabi Schneider),

– outcrops of famous geological sites (badlands, dolerite dykes emplaced during the opening of the Atlantic Ocean in the Late Precambrian, skarn mineralogy and contact metamorphic features), amazing landscapes and geological landmarks (Spitzkoppe, badlands…) which are part of the future Geopark.

Excursions in famous geological sites (badlands, dolerite dykes put in place during the opening of Atlantic Ocean).
The largest open-pit uranium mine and processing plant in Rössing.


AJGES thanks Namibia, SGA, IUGS, SEG, and UNESCO which supported the workshop and short course.

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